Bolt Scooters

How to use Bolt scooters

  • Download Bolt app;
  • In the app, you need to choose the mode of scooters;
  • The screen will show the screen with the map;
  • Find the nearest scooter;
  • Unlock the scooter. To do this, scan the zR code on the scooter and start the trip;
  • After completing the trip, park the scooter according to the rules.

Bolt scooter rules

  • Travel security. We recommend using the helmet for travel safety.
  • Follow the general rules of the movement.
  • We recommend using bike lanes if you have them.
  • Avoid pedestrians on sidewalks.
  • It is not recommended to leave the scooter outside the city. You will be charged an additional fee.
  • We recommend parking a scooter near bicycle parking lots. Parking a scooter, do not block the passage for pedestrians.

Do not leave scooters outside the city zone – you will be charged an additional fee.

Scooting and the Law

Bolt scooters are an affordable, more sustainable, and convenient way to move around the city. However, when riding, it’s vitally important to stay safe and follow the law.
When riding a Bolt Scooter please remember the following:

  • Don’t drink and drive. Driving a scooter while under the influence of alcohol or other substances is highly illegal and strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in a fine and/or your permanent blocking from using Bolt services.
  • One scooter, one rider. Our scooters are built to carry a single rider at a time. It is both illegal and unsafe to ride a scooter with another person.
  • Respect traffic rules. Follow all street signs while riding. Respect other commuters as they move around the city.
  • Road/cycle path rules. Always remember to ride on the correct side with the flow of traffic.
  • Traffic lights. Just as with any other vehicle, you must always stop at a red traffic light.

The ABCs of Scooting

If you’re new to scooter riding, we recommend learning on a flat surface where there’s minimal traffic. The majority of accidents happen during the first 3 rides, so practise in a safe environment to begin with.

Here are some essential things to remember as you begin scooting:

Safety check. Carry out a thorough check of the scooter before starting a ride. Please make sure that the:

  • Tyres are in good condition and
    have sufficient pressure in them;
  • Brakes are working properly;
  • Throttle works and you’re able to
  • Battery has enough charge to cover your trip;
  • Scooter has no obvious damage
    and doesn’t produce strange sounds
    when you start.

Wear a helmet

Always wear a helmet no matter the length of your ride. More than 90% of accidents are head-related injuries — wearing a helmet is an easy way to help prevent serious injury.


To start, gently kick off from the ground to engage the scooter motor and simultaneously push the ‘go’ button located on the right handlebar. Pressing the ‘go’ button gradually increases your speed. Holding the handlebars with both hands will help you maintain your balance.


To stop the scooter, press the brakes on one or both of the handlebars. Brake gently to avoid sudden, dangerous stops and potential injuries.


The bell is located on the scooter’s left handlebar. Use the bell if you want to alert another rider or pedestrian that you’re approaching.

Ride Smart, Ride Safe

As well as respecting country-specific laws and learning the basics, safe scooter riding is all about being mindful of your surroundings when you’re on the move.

One thing to keep in mind is that cities typically have three designated areas, each with their own scooter rules:

Slow zones

These are typically tourist or historic locations with a high density of people. We deliberately limit your scooter’s maximum speed in these areas to ensure that everyone can use the space safely.

No-go zones

These are areas where riding a scooter is prohibited at all times. This is for your safety.

Parking areas

These are the areas where you’re allowed to park. Please park your scooter in these areas to ensure that your city remains tidy.

Check where these specific areas are in your city (via the Bolt app) and always ensure you know where you can and cannot ride.

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