Bolt Taxi app

    Bolt’s taxi app is:

    • Convenient travel service
    • Low prices, fast delivery;
    • Pay for travel through the app

    Bolt is an app for ordering quick and affordable trips around the city with online payment with a card, apple pay, samsung pay, android pay.

    To make an order:

    • Open the app and specify the destination.
    • Choose the type of car class (economy, comfort, comfort of the car);
    • Make an order
    • Keep an eye on the realtime car (in real time);
    • Enjoy the ride with Bolt.

    Features of the Bolt app:

    • Apps will automatically determine your location (when geolocation is enabled)
    • Paying with cash or card through the app
    • The ability to calculate the cost of the trip in advance.

    You can download the app here: