Car requirements in Taxi Bolt

  • A car no older than 10 years old for the Bolt class. The year of the car's production is on January 1. For example, in December 2018. The year of the car's production should not be before 2008.
  • Some brands/models are not suitable for platform work. Check whether your car is allowed and age-appropriate in the https://bit.ly/2KtnPRe table.
  • The car should be in good technical and aesthetic condition without stickers, airbrushing and damage both inside and out. It is allowed to design a machine related to the type of activity Bolt.
  • At the time of being on the line the car should be clean from the outside and inside.
  • The body of the type sedan, wagon, hatchback is allowed. Not allowed: pickup, roadster, coupe.
  • The car must have at least 5 seats and at least 4 doors.
  • The car must have an existing inspection and insurance policy OSAGO, as well as a certificate of registration of the vehicle.
Bolt Taxi