Bolt Support

All users and drivers have situations where they need to contact support with questions and situations. Bolt employees have added the ability to leave a question in the app for your convenience.

Support for Bolt users

Bolt taxi technical support for users is available through the Bolt mobile app. There you can find a question you are interested in, or ask your own. You can also write about a problem with a ride:

  • forgotten items;
  • the cost turned out to be higher;
  • report a serious accident;
  • disrespectful driver;
  • ask for a receipt;
  • other problem.

Support for Bolt drivers

Detailed information about Bolt driver support is available on the official website.

bolt support

The website provides as much disclosed answers to the topics as possible:

  • income;
  • technical problems;
  • Bolt usage;
  • account questions;
  • additional information for Bolt drivers in Kazakhstan;
  • Additional information for Bolt drivers in Russia;
  • additional information for Bolt drivers in Ukraine.
  • If you have a direct question for support, you can ask through the Bolt Driver app.
How do I contact a driver?

You can contact the driver after he/she has accepted the booking, and this facility will be available on the app for 24 hours after the journey has been completed. If you are unable to contact the driver or it has been more than 24 hours, please contact the in-app support team.
If you need to contact the driver after accepting your booking, you can write or call him through the app. The chat history will be deleted at the end of the trip.

Got into an accident while travelling in a Bolt taxi, what should I do?

If you are involved in an accident, call the police and ambulance immediately and report the accident via the Bolt app.

Was the driver being rude, what should I do?

If the driver was behaving inappropriately, please leave an appropriate rating and a detailed comment in the app after you have completed your journey. This will help us take appropriate action. If you feel unsafe, please report the incident to us or use the 'SOS' button in the app (if available in your town). We also recommend that you contact the police in this case.

The cost of the taxi ride was higher than expected

We are sorry to hear that the final cost of the journey was higher than expected. The final cost of the journey may increase for the following reasons:

  • High traffic congestion
  • Additional charges (airport, toll roads, parking fees, etc.)
  • Long stopovers during your journey
  • You change your final destination during the journey
  • The driver chose a suboptimal route
  • There is a price increase due to high demand.
  • If you have any further questions regarding the cost of your trip, please contact the customer service via the app.
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