Replacing Chevrolet Aveo distribution shafts

Accidentally drew attention to a light oil sweat on the lid of the GRM drive belt.
Immediately thought on the slack spread, but I think before the weekend I will reach, and there will be seen, I have spare and knees and spread. When going into the garage where the car sleeps saw a puddle of oil … I think i’m not sweating”) when I started to remove the plastic from under the wing, I saw this one.

Remove the chevrolet Aveo electromagnetic valve

Full sizeSo the belt was stretched (stretched)

The full size of the mets should be the same

Full sizeGuilty celebrations

Remove the valve cover of the Chevrolet Aveo

The full size of the Home was recently replaced. It is with this event and the belt stretch I associate the deceased sledgehammer, although on the factPut a new sledgehammer, all collected in place, it seems and the marks coincided. It’s possible that they first came off because the knee was on the “brake” and the top star I unscrewed a little changed the tension. In any case, 500-700 grams of weather will not be stretched.

Now the capepe

Full size Reduce the hub removed with a support from the lever to the side along with the drive

Take out the sledgehammer spread of the Chevrolet Aveo

By the way! The inner shrews is simply not a big mount but out of the box, be prepared, the oil will flow. Back akuratenka just knocked one small hammer (lighter) and behind a large besieged him and that’s it.

Full sizeVal pushed away so as not to interfere

Full sizeReading, washed with gasoline and paint

Unscrew the chip of the electromagnetic valve Chevrolet Aveo

Full sizeUpper part of the salnik removed in place, and the rest remained in the lid, which is why it was decided to dismantle it

Full sizeIn the quality of the perfect under the new sledgehammer came a clips of a step bearing from the brand like…

Full size On the shrews there is a significant production. The first strip from the casing of the slab (left) as the shrep in the dif dangles. And the second groove from the sling and the ring at the end for some reason …

Remove the belt of the GRM Chevrolet Aveo

In general, all the photos did not fit, but I think everything is available. I strongly recommend to the question of choosing a frame for a new sledgehammer to approach responsibly, as the clips from the bearing of half a millimeter more – tormented … Before you sort everything out, buy a sledgehammer (50uah) and try to find a suitable finish, if not – to the service to the experts, otherwise there is nothing to do. It’s not complicated at all. Good luck on the roads!

Price: 150 UAH Run: 206 km.

Service and operation of chevrolet Aveo Manual (Chevrolet Aveo)

You’ll need

Before you start. Unplug the wire from the “-” battery terminal.

Place the first cylinder piston in the MTT position (see Subsection 10.1.).

For convenience, remove the air filter (see subdivision 10.10.1.) and an ignition coil.

Remove grM casing from Chevrolet Aveo

If traces of oil leak through the distribution shaft shaft are detected first, first check whether the carter ventilation system is clogged and the carter ventilation hoses are pressed, and if necessary, fix the malfunctions. If the oil does not stop flowing, replace the salnik.

Remove the belt of the distribution shaft from the pulley of the distribution shaft, the stretch roller and the pulley of the water pump (see. subdivision 10.3.2.) and take him aside. Fix the pulley of the distribution shaft from wrapping, inserting a screwdriver into its hole and locking in the stud; Turn the pulley bolt away. Please note that a flat washer is installed under the bolt.
With the help of a screwdriver remove the pulley from the distribution shaft. Remove the veneepoint from the distribution shaft if it sits loosely in the groove of the shaft. Put the screwdriver out, take out the sling.
Before installing a new sledgehammer, inspect the working edge. It should be flat, without snatches, dents and influxes of rubber. The spring of the salnik should be intact and unstretched. Before installing a new salnik, grease its working edge with motor oil.
Place the shaft with a working edge inside the head of the block, gently tuck the working edge onto the distribution shaft with a wooden stick and… . . .

Changing the sealing stub spread Chevrolet Aveo

Press the slack all the way with a suitable correction.

Set all the details in order to reverse the removal. At the same time, pulley distribution shaft install the protruding part of the hub away from the engine. Adjust the tension of the distribution shaft drive belt (see. subdivision 10.3.3.).


Chevrolet Aveo distribution shaft

Full sizeRight side

Full sizeLeft side

Full sizeStock switchmechanismSolution to replace everything starting with the top cover (slack, laying of the top lid pPC), slings of semi-axes, laying of the pPC pallet and oil. still relatives (10 years them), oil in the checkpoint changed a year and a half ago.

Purchased parts:-Yuko Oil 75W-90 GL-4 (budget version) – 2 liters. (PMC P1UC001) – 1 (GM 25187787) – 2

(GM 90129204) – 1 pc. ; -PMC P1TC001 stock pad – 1 piece

Further the autopsy, the fact that the sloping semi-axes flow – it is clear, and from them the oil flows down on the lid of the pallet of pPC, but it was interesting to lay a pallet – a whole or not. Twist10 bolts of the pPC sublet, and the lid in place, stuck well (as far as I remember on the sealant did not plant it). Put a screwdriver and with difficulty it succumbed, understandably flowed slurge (oil is hard to call it) – merged about 1.5 liters, black and liquid.

Remove the body of the Chevrolet Aveo air filter

Full sizeRemove old pad, clean and mine

Full sizeArabas revealed

Similarly remove the electromagnetic valve of Chevrolet Aveo

Full size Stripping seat

The full size of the wash from the traces of oilNext go to the slackers, leach the inner shrews and then begins a long and painful work to extract the old sash. On the right side decided to remove with the lid of the slab and all in the free space to replace (which did, the photo was not possible to do), but on the left side of the scytheto to remove the regulatory nut differential PPC, and there is not much space. Having spent a great deal of time still extracted the old slacker.

Remove the belt of the GRM Chevrolet Aveo

We go to the top cover of the stock – remove the battery and battery pad. Unscrew the lid.

None to All World and Goodness :) Price: 480 UAH Run: 170,500 km

Press a new sledgehammer spreads Chevrolet Aveo to the seat

The wear and tear of the valve slings on the Chevrolet Cruz can damage the distribution shafts and elements of the HBC. Thus, timely replacement can prevent unpleasant consequences. But, not every motorist is able to replace this part on his own, as the process is time-consuming and requires certain knowledge and skills.


The video will tell how to replace the shafts, as well as tell about the nuances and give recommendations.

Replacement process

Replacing the spread slings for some car owners can be a real test, but if you stick to the instructions, everything will turn out. So let’s look at the sequence of actions to replace:

  1. We dismantle the “terminal minus” with the AKB. When turning away the bolt fastening the pulley of the distribution shaft, it is necessary to keep the shaft from wrapping. There are two ways to do this.Remove gears of Chevrolet Aveo distribution shafts

    At the first method, remove the lid of the head of the cylinder block. With a cape or a 17-pointed head, turn away the bolt of the pulley of the distribution shaft, keeping the shaft from wrapping behind the hexagonal ledge with a key “at 24.”

  2. Open the hood and unscrew the fastening bolts of the protective casing of the GRM. We take it out.
  3. We remove the GRM belt. Put a cape key “on 17” on the head of the bolt fastening the pulley of the distribution shaft and insert a powerful screwdriver through the hole in the pulley. Backed by the spoke of the pulley with the screwdriver blade, the screwdriver rod turns the key counterclockwise.The pulley bolt will turn away. The shkive (and the distribution shaft) should not rotate.
  4. We unscrew the pulley spread out. From the second too. Turning the bolt, remove the pulley.
  5. Take out the pulleys of the distribution shaft.
  6. Put the old slack eras and remove from the seat. Putting a thin layer of motor oil on the working edge of the new slacker, put a sling on the sock of the distribution shaft.
  7. Press a new salnik. Before installing the new belt, you need to carefully wipe the oil all the pulleys drive rags dipped in gasoline. Set the pulley of the distribution shaft so that the pin on the sock of the distribution shaft entered the hole on the pulley.
  8. We’re doing a reverse assembly.

Choosing a sledgehammer

The choice of the distribution shaft should be taken seriously, as it depends on this part how effectively the distribution shafts are used. Usually these parts can be picked up by size. For example, the size of a distribution shaft for the Chevrolet Cruz is: 35 to 48-7R. But, it is recommended to buy parts just for cars.


55563374 – the original catalogue number spread out. The intake and final version of the product are interchangeable, as opposed to the most shafts. The average cost is up to 500 rubles per piece, if we are talking about the manufacture of GM.


Of course, it is not always possible to find the original, so there is a list of analogues that can be applied. They are certified and the size fits. The table of substitutes for the standard sledgehammer was spread out for The Chevrolet Cruz.

Manufacturer name. The catalogue number. Cost, in rubles.
Victor Reinz.
Corteco. 20011244B.
Dominant. OP06360930.
Glaser. P76095-01.
Hans Pries. 207 639 515.
Kos. KOS-228.

Reasons for failure

There are not many reasons for the failure of the distribution shaft:

  • Wear. Since the distribution shafts are constantly in motion, they are very heated, and the shaft is installed on the outside, there is no proper cooling. Thus, the inner part of the product, though made with a resistant material, but still wears out, and over time there are oil leaks in the places of rubbing the material.
  • Damage to the structure from weather conditions. Strong temperature changes can affect the structure of the salnik. Thus, it may appear cracked or deformed, which will cause it to be unusable.

Perhaps, these are all the reasons why the part can fail and will require replacement.


Replacing shafts with Chevrolet Cruz is simple and easy. This operation will not require special skills and skills. Separately, it is worth noting that the choice of slackers should be taken seriously, as a poor quality product can affect not only the loss of oil, but also the wear of the most distribution shafts. If the described operations are too complicated for the motorist, it is recommended to contact the service station, where they will do everything quickly and efficiently.


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