Bolt Scooters

    How to use Bolt scooters

    • Download bolt app
    • In the app, you need to choose the mode of scooters;
    • The screen will show the screen with the map;
    • Find the nearest scooter;
    • Unlock the scooter. To do this, scan the zR code on the scooter and start the trip;
    • After completing the trip, park the scooter according to the rules.

    Bolt scooter rules

    • Travel security. We recommend using the helmet for travel safety.
    • Follow the general rules of the movement.
    • We recommend using bike lanes if you have them.
    • Avoid pedestrians on sidewalks.
    • It is not recommended to leave the scooter outside the city. You will be charged an additional fee.
    • We recommend parking a scooter near bicycle parking lots. Parking a scooter, do not block the passage for pedestrians.

    Do not leave scooters outside the city zone – you will be charged an additional fee.